The Bank- and Savings Museum

120 artists from a range of countries were exhibiting 1200 artmoney

ARTMONEY - let's make it happen

Imagine ARTMONEY - or simply JOIN and make it happen!


Artmoney Nord

The idea for ARTMONEY NORD emerged at a time just over three years ago

The porcelain writer artmoney artist

In 1977 I started as a “Blue painter” (mussel painter) at The Royal Porcelain Factory of Denmark

PRIK - a unique toys store

So therefore I run my own little rebellion from my toy store, PRIK

Meet Celestine - the gardner of love

It makes me really happy to work with couples. To see them open up and get a better love life with each other.

The meaning of showing

At the International artmoney show in Spain I experienced the true meaning of exhibiting original art

The 200 years plan

200 years is little time on the large scale, but it creates a sense of plenty of time in the small scale

Three generations of Ulstrup

The Danish family, Ulstrup has chosen to share an artmoney profile between three generations. Meet them in this interview and learn why.

Traveling with artmoney

A good friend and artist, Lars H.U.G., asked me to travel with him to the island of Gran Canary, Spain, for a month...