Artist of the Month - Stephen Barnwell

My definition of an artist is that an artist MUST make art. We have no choice; it is a compulsion of sorts. If I do not make art, I get very depressed, cranky and weird, I can’t sleep -- just ask my wife. So, I make art because I must.

Artist of the Month - Sonia Gil

I was born in 1961 in Salvador, a colorful, vibrant city on the northeast coast of Brazil, a cultural melting pot, strongly influenced by the African culture.

Artist of the Month - Annette Falk Lund

Annette Falk Lund is a visual artist from the former DDR, now living in Nothern Jytland/Denmark. She makes a living as a self-taught artist. Read her story in this interview

Artist of the Month - Freja Friborg

Freja Friborg is a visual artist and a musician from Greater Copenhagen, Denmark. She has traveled the world using artmoney, art and music to get by. Catch a glimpse of Freja in this interview

Shop of the Month - Korpus

Jonas Waaben is an IT consultant and musician from Copenhagen, Denmark. His company, the web agency Korpus, accepts artmoney as payment. Find out why in this interview