Artist of the Month - Martin Silz

The first time I heard about artmoney, I thought YES, it's a great idea. Then some years past before I finally signed up. But I have always felt that it was a great idea on several levels.

Nordic Distillery - interview with Anders Bilgram

Then we started submitting to a lot of competitions. It's so ended up that we've got 16 medals and rewards Internationally within a year. And we won the title as "Distillery of the Year" in Berlin last year with participation from all over the world.

Jeff Ibbo - 75 years interview

When I was young, art was a must in society. And it was also something you should promote. But it's not like that today. If you are an artist today, then you are a beggar, right? If not you can earn a billion, as a young man, right? And not everyone can do that.

Kristian von Hornsleth on ARTMONEY

Good art is something such as artmoney. It is a project, you cannot really figure out. I cannot decide whether it is good or bad. It bothers me in a good way

Artmoney Worldwide - Karen and Anne-Mette

We hope that through our exhibitions we can spread awareness of artmoney all over the world to the benefit of many. It's amazing how much creativity can be unfolded 12 x 18 cm, right!

Me, myself and artmoney

I have always been drawing and painting. Like any other kid. But I never stopped. Unlike most kids.

Shop of the Month - Flügger Franks Farver

Let the heart rule your life and your deeds, and give space to people that think differently from you. Try to understand your fellow humans, it can be rewarding for you. Remove everything that is called distrust and embrace our diversity. Live your life, and pursue your dream, but not at the expense of others

Artist of the Month - Anne Juul Christophersen

It has always been a dream for me that I could work from home so I would not need get up in the morning and take a job just to make money. I always wanted to be my own boss. Today I work only with my art and the art school “Annes Atelier”

Artist of the Month - Lise Eiler

I am the mother. I have a daughter of 13 and a son of 11. I am a teacher and have classes with children and young people at my studio. I am an entrepreneur or initiator that gets energy from being with other people and loves to organize parties and other social events - and participate in the same.

Artist of the Month - The Poetess

There was much pain in my childhood, pain I could not put into words, because I did not have the words, and because my surroundings in the province rather would talk about the weather and food, and my father would not talk about my mother