Published Nov. 27. 2019

ARTMONEY - let's make it happen

Imagine ARTMONEY - or simply JOIN and make it happen!


It is difficult to imagine anything else, than what is considered “normal.” It is difficult to imagine anything new. It is less difficult to take action. To simply do, what seems hard to imagine. Once it is done, it is easy to imagine. It is easy to imagine, what is considered “normal.” Lets make ARTMONEY normal together!

For 22 years artists have produced, exhibited, shared and spend artmoney. Shops have been accepting artmoney as part- or full payment for goods and services. Artmoney has proven itself reliable, sustainable and effecient. All we need to happen in order to fullfill the utopian dream of a common global currency of art is for more people to JOIN. So please JOIN now as an artist, a collector or a shop. 


Artmoney is:

- an inexpensive online gallery for all artists to sell with no commission

- a global currency with a real value – original art!

- an anarchistic, decentralized world bank for all people

- 100% free expression

- a way for the unknown artist to become known

- a way for the known artist to sell unlimited

- a self-help way out of poverty

- an inspirational community of creative souls

- a small and inexpensive original work of art for collectors

- one giant step closer to reality

- a utopian dream come true

- one people – one world

- all the money I need – when I need it

- freedom from financial slavery

- real art between real people

- a way to exhibit world wide for little cost

- a beautiful gift

- a good and kind investment

- a means for small shops to attract real people

- a fun and meaningful way for poor and rich people to go shopping

- an object to gain trustworthy and sincere relations

- a sketch book for larger artworks

- a meaningful self-help way buy the artist free from part time job

- a way to escape greed and hostility

- a way to change the world for the better of all

- a reality, if we do it together

CLICK and watch this recent film produced by Danish TV - the speak is in Danish, but the message is simple - Artmoney is for everyone