Published Jul. 04. 2018

The 200 years plan

200 years is little time on the large scale, but it creates a sense of plenty of time in the small scale

The Artmoney project operates with a 200-year business plan. Once the 200 years have passed, the next 200 years will be discussed. Artmoney was created in 1997, which means that the project has now moved a little more than 10% along the timeline.

200 year timeline

The reason Artmoney became a business was that early in the art project there was a widespread wish from the artists that the web site should handle online sales of Artmoney. To cover the costs associated with warehouse and administration, a 50% commission was taken on the sale of artmoney.

Because of the revenue and expenses, it was required that the art project was registered as a business. At that time, it seemed most reasonable to set up an “Inc.,” which in Denmark cost around $ 20.000. The amount was paid in artmoney, and so it was possible to purchase a company without debt and without a dollar in the pocket!

Today there is no commission on the sale of artmoney. Instead, each artist pays an annual membership that covers operating expenses. All sales of artmoney now take place directly between artist and collector. The economy of the art project covers the costs, and expenses are adjusted to the income. New membership revenue allows investment in new operating tools and services, and there is no lack of imagination to how the project can make better use of new revenue to create better terms for artists worldwide! To date, no salary has been taken from the project.

The intention of the company is to continue to provide artists with the option of online sales of artmoney. At the same time, the stable economy, as well as the long-term planning, helps to spread knowledge of artmoney and to strengthen a network among the many people involved in the project.

The motivation to run the artmoney project for 200 years is not found in the desire to earn money - on the contrary. Motivation grows out of the dream of freedom from economic slavery and aimed at a life of cultivating basic human values ​​such as curiosity, creativity, playfulness, presence, self-discovery, understanding the next of kin, friendship, empathy and love.

For the past 21 years, artmoney has made it possible for me, basically, to make a living from drawing and painting without being dependent on financial support. There have been hard times when I have taken work and there have been times of anxiety, laziness and doubt where it has been difficult to cope. But all in all artmoney has been a means to richer life than the life I could hope for by following the "normal" expectations of “normal” society.

With artmoney I have built my house, traveled around the world, raised two children, made the most amazing acquaintances, and cultivated my keen interest in art, to the fullest. Therefore, I can reflect on the first 10% with gratitude and look forward to the following 90% with excitement. Especially the time that reaches beyond my own lifetime, I think it looks quite adventures!

200 years is little time on the large scale, but it creates a sense of plenty of time in the small scale. With the feeling of “plenty of time" I can realistically dream of a better world and that is a fine root of motivation!


Lars Kraemmer