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Art is my life and nature is often in my art and on my mind.

(PS: Har du mobilePay, kan vi også anvende dét. Skriv til mig, og aftal nærmere. Dbh. Tine)

As a youngster I just never did let go of the drawing pencil and the paintbrush. Since my early teens I have been attending various summer art schools (‘højskoler’ in Danish) and taken several art courses. Back in 1994/1995 I had one long stay for a year at ‘Engelsholm Kunsthøjskole’ at the small town of Bredsten. Since adulthood the school of choice have been ‘Holbæk Kunsthøjskole’.

Career wise though I have always been torn between theory and practice and when the time came to make ‘the big decision’, the scale tipped somewhat in favor of theory, so today, after taking my academic degree at the University of Aarhus, I teach art, design, Nordic literature and Danish language at a Danish gymnasium (high school).

Sincerely, Tine Heines