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The East is Red specializes in artifacts from the Chinese Cultural Revolution (c. 1966-1976)

The East is Red was founded by Dwight McWethy in 2002.
Dwight is an American/Canadian who worked and lived in Beijing, China from 1996-2012, and he began collecting relics from the Cultural Revolution soon after his arrival. In 2012 the entire collection was moved to the United States.

The name of his company, The East is Red, comes from what was THE anthem of the Cultural Revolution and is an embodiment of that era. As such it is a very appropriate name.

Ceramic statues were the first item that caught his interest and although most were replicas, they still tell a fascinating story about that period in China's history. Later he was also enraptured by the most prominent items of the Cultural Revolution - Chairman Mao badges and Chairman Mao's Little Red Book of quotations.

The next items to attract his attention were the large red Chairman Mao Plaques with his profile in white against a Communist red background. This led to posters, which led to silks, which led to more books, and so on and so on. Consequently, he has amassed a large collection of Cultural Revolution artifacts, many of which are offered on this website. The collection is split between Delaware, USA and Beijing, China.

The vast majority of this collection is guaranteed genuine from the Cultural Revolution. Admittedly, there are some reproductions, such as statues and some posters, all of which are clearly identified as being new. We believe in being open and honest about fakes and reproductions in order to assure customers that when we say something is genuine they can count on it. Unfortunately, there are other less reputable sellers who believe that just because something is stamped with a 1968 date it was actually produced in 1968, closing their eyes to the freshly produced pile of items nearby.

The East is Red is happy to answer any questions you may have. We also offer specialized procurement and shipping services to customers who have particular requests (an eight foot Chairman Mao statue for anyone?) for Chinese items, whether from the Cultural Revolution or other eras in China's history.

In conclusion, our objective is to sell the real thing, based on experience and expertise, and our goal is to have complete customer satisfaction!