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Artist Pia Evelyn

I am a self-taught artist who started painting with acrylic on canvases in 2007. When younger, I spent a lot of time photographing different moods, beautiful nature, good compositions or just colours, which compliment each other well. This has always fascinated me.

I love being in nature and during holidays, my family always travel in our CampLet, which is a kind of tent on wheels. Every summer holiday is spent travelling around Europe, where we find beautiful gems of nature and exciting places. The travels provide visual inspiration and I paint what I see, which is mostly abstract nature and landscapes. The next trip will be to the stunningly beautiful port cities of the Cinque Terre, located in the northwest of Italy, and I am already looking forward to the new inspiration and painting them.

I furthermore find inspiration by painting together with other people, and I have painted in several different networks. I have held a couple of courses, which resulted in creating an artist group in 2017 called ’Kunstnergruppen Setus’. Setus created a gift to an art association for their anniversery. The gift was 100 pieces of Artmoney. This became a succes and I was motivated by the process of painting Artmoney to create even more.

To me personally, Artmoney is a small piece of unique artwork. I often use my creative ideas and convert them into small projects. For example, if I have a specific colour combination, specific lines and compositions that I want to try, I set up several papers with the paper size 12x18cm, paint and see where the process takes me. I often paint several Artmoney in the same style to see which one works best for me.

An Artmoney therefore often becomes a springboard to a painting on canvas.

My Artmoney can be located under the profile Pia Evelyn or Kunstnergruppen Setus / PPE.

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