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Artist working in a wide field of painting, photography, graphics and textile. Produce text and is currently holding philosophy talks at Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg/Sweden, as one of two "in-house-philosophers". 

Now launching a line of pictures here on artmoney based on my photographical work "From the Inner Room" (read more about the project on my website). Each artwork is "A piece from the Inner Room". It´s draped by a thin paper curtain wich is sewn on the cropped photography. The notion is that a thin film is seperating us from the surrounding world and that by a light lift of the paper curtain you can take part of the object habitant in the "Inner Room". Of methaphysical importance is the red line of stitches that attach and unite the elements. 

The photos are produced in a special atmosphere in a brother DCP-135C - a scanner. In this particular serie I am modelling painted risepaper and composing the material on the glass of the scanner in a darkroom.