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Gallery Skagen, Skagen Denmark


This is a unique opportunity to exhibit in the town of Skagen, at the top of Denmark, Easter, 2023.

Past events

Galleri OXÖNE, 8 rue Chapon 75003 Paris

ARTMONEY exhibition in Paris

INTERNATIONAL artmoney exhibition at the Oxöne Gallery in Paris. April 1-12, 2022. Opening reception April 1st, 3pm.
Torshavn / Faroe Island

Artmoneyworldwide 2017 TORSHAVN

Den 4. internationale ARTMONEYWORLDWIDE udstilling Torshavn 2017 Færøerne 
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Tel: +45 40101345
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Self taught artist with many juried exhibitions.
Organizer of the Artmoneyworldwide exhibtions in THY, New York, Berlin and Torshavn.
Her paintings have taken her through Artist´s Summer Exhibition (KS02, KS03,
KS05, KS09), Artist´s Easter Exhibition KP09, as well as many other
exhibitions to the present where she has her own gallery.
It´s the large formats that attract her attention in her creativity. The challenge
of the small artmoney ment that two dimensions where not enough. So the
artmoney sculpture was born and today it is a part of her artmoney production.