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I started out in comics a couple of decades ago and, to my mind, that is the practice that I continue still. Through reduction of motive and narrative, I have arrived at the non-figurative collages that I work with today.

I see that development as a freedom from story and linearity – a reading experience more like that of maps than of text, and as an exploration rather than finding the quickest way from A to B. In effect, I create worlds for a reader to get lost and find their own way in.

Allan Haverholm (b.1976) is a graphic artist, MA Visual culture, editor and teacher living in Malmö, Sweden. Alumnus of the Malmö comics art school and Lund university, co-founder of the Danish comics association, and former member of art collective C’est Bon Kultur. He also gives drawing concerts with musician Allan Grønvall, and is at the centre of the Haverholm Complicity.