Tips and inspiration

Integrate artmoney in your daily routine and change the world

  • Fill out your profile with a portrait of yourself and a text about your art. If you have a personal web site – make a link. Show yourself to the world
  • Upload artmoney for online sale – it might pay off
  • Post your profile on social media to draw attentio. Start by joining the ARTMONEY FACEBOOK PAGE
  • Take part in group exhibitions or invite other artmoney artists to join your own group exhibition – be social and have some fun
  • Spend artmoney at local shops – ask if they will accept artmoney as full- or part payment. Shops may reply with “NO” or “YES”. Don’t limit your spending to the official list of shops – ask your dentist, your lawyer, your neighbor, always keep some artmoney on you an ask anywhere
  • Use artmoney as a present and include a FLYER
  • Make lots of artmoney! When you have many, it is more fun to go shopping!
  • Exchange artmoney with other artists and build your own art collection. Use the CONTACT FORMULAR, that appears when you are logged in, to reach artmoney artists around the world
  • Spread the word – the more artists involved, the better artmoney works!

At Ibsens Hotel in Copenhagen, they accept up to 50 % payment in artmoney for accommodation