Permanent Artmoney Gallery

In June 2023 the only existing permanent artmoney gallery opened on the Isle of Bornholm, Denmark.
The island is situated in the Baltic Sea and is a tourist magnet all year.
The gallery is placed on the main street of the main town near the town square and the harbor. It is well visited and has a good sale.
The gallery has room for 60 artists and each artist can exhibit 10 artmoney and have another 10 artmoney as reserve.
You pay a start-up fee of 400 Danish kr. (55 Euro / 45 GBP / 60 USD) and a monthly fee of the price of 1 artmoney : 200 Danish kr. (27 Euro / 30 USD / 23 GBP).
If you want more information or want to present your artmoney in the only existing permanent gallery and benefit from our marketing and events, do send a mail to Andreas Nemo:


Rønne, Bornholm
Event admin: Andreas Nemo