Advisory board

The art project "Artmoney" operate as a company under the name: " BIAM ApS. "This abbreviation refers to the original name: " Bank of International Artmoney." The name was prohibited by law in 2005, when the word "Bank" was included. Only the abbreviation and the concept Artmoney remains.

BIAM ApS is enriched with a loyal and highly qualified advisory board:

Chairman of the board:

Lars Kraemmer


Member of the board:

Karen Helveg Petersen

Director and founder of Radi-Consult. Economist with special interest in money and capital markets. She has furthermore lived and worked in developing countries, particularly in Africa, as consultant for development aid organizations.

Karen is a writer of political economy in Danish leftist journals.

She has a particular interest in artmoney as a possibility for contact across borders on a citizen-to-citizen basis. Artmoney is not ’real’ money and that is its charm. But artmoney can be used for exchange on the basis of trust among people and thus connects to the movement of creating alternative sharing mechanisms outside the ordinary market of not just things but also capabilities and possibilities.

Member of the board:

Peter Rodenberg

Director and founder of Inlead Media. Inlead is a digital communications agency that supplied digital solutions from 1999. Inlead has since 2005 focused on delivering state-of -the-art solutions for the Danish libraries.

Member of the board:

Denis Rivin

Active in a variety of fields. At the moment he is studying the accelerating advancement of the interrelation between social behavior and technology at the IT-University in Copenhagen, Denmark, but has prior been primarily involved with contemporary art on entrepreneurial, curatorial and publishing levels - areas which he has not at all lost interest in yet, although their significance sometimes seems diminishing in the light of the possibilities and challenges humanity is about to face.