The Choice Is Yours

Serial no.: Elisa Rossi-2020-6
owned by Elisa Rossi
  • Style: Figurative
  • Color: Other
  • Material: Canvas
  • Thickness: Above 2 mm

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

the Choice Is Yours is a tribute to liber arbitrium that we all have; in this painting a strong female warrior/poledancer is represented in the act of kicking away an abstract Shadow. I envisioned this concept several months before realizing the artwork. The final drop of inspiration came from a music video, 'Cellophane', by FKA Twigs. the body shape and the muscular lines are inspired by FKA Twigs body. Free will and choice as powerful weapons that I want to offer especially to women, since we historically and nowadays seem to have more limited choices. There is no a victim perspective here, reclaiming power and strength is a choice and is available no matter of the circumstances. I personally experienced a deep transformation thanks to the practice of pole-dancing. This type of practice requires a constant fluctuation between pulling and pushing, conserving and releasing, grounding and taking off the ground, sharp focus and surrender, calculation and improvisation, introspection and exhibitionism. Visually it renders greatly an inner search for balance and synthesis of opposite, apparently contrasting forces that result into a spiral step up towards growth. The abstractly represented Shadow has soft colors and blurred definition, beside the minimum use of black, to express the co-existence of good and evil in everything. It is not a demonized Shadow but a concoction of fragments that one must re-integrate.

Price: USD 50.00
Shipping fee: USD 75.00