Published Jul. 01. 2015

Shop of the Month - Flügger Franks Farver

Let the heart rule your life and your deeds, and give space to people that think differently from you. Try to understand your fellow humans, it can be rewarding for you. Remove everything that is called distrust and embrace our diversity. Live your life, and pursue your dream, but not at the expense of others

My name: Frank Nedergaard Kristensen

I was born June 13th, 1952.

I was born in the village of Asp in Struer municipality in the northwest of Denmark.

Most of my childhood consisted of approximately 1 year in Aspen, then 5 years in Vejrum on a smallholding. My father worked as a laborer on neighboring farms. Later, my father worked on the Tradsbjerg brickyard in Måbjerg and bought a small farm just next door to the brickyard. There I lived the rest of my childhood and my youth. When I needed to be with my friends we met in Holstebro, a town situated at a distance of approximately 5 km from where I lived in Måbjerg. So I am born and raised in the countryside ;-)

How did you become a paint distributor?

Yes, it was really almost by chance! I worked in the countryside in my young years, and then I joined the Navy for 12 months. The first time (Recruit time) took place in the Avderød military camp. When recruiting time (3 months) was over, I went to sea with the patrol vessel White Bear and sailed alternately in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. A great period with experiences you can’t buy for money. Nine months where I saw different places in the North Atlantic, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. As military time was over, I had to find something to do here in Denmark. My desire was to be a warehouse assistant, I really don’t know why? I talked to a career counselor and asked for help to find a job. He could offer me a job as a Christmas assistant delivery driver for the city's major paint store "Kongsøre." I took the job, and drove around with paint items throughout the month of December here in Holstebro. As we approached July, I was called in to the office of Jørgen Kongsøre. He told me, that he knew that I wanted to be a warehouse assistant, but he could only offer me an apprenticeship as a paint store student instead. It smelled a little like "fish" so I thanked “yes,” and that was how I made my way into the world of color commerce.

What do you like best about running a store?

At first I did not really dream of becoming independent. But my boss for about 20 years chose to retire early, and I was in the late 50s. So to keep a job I chose to buy my workplace, so I still had a job. It was definitely not the best time, as it was in the beginning of this financial crisis (namely 2009), and therefore no one could really lend me the money to take over the shop. So after much talk at home with my wife, I decided to take over the shop anyhow, and preserve my workplace. But it has given me the freedom to decide my product range, and when the time was hard in the construction industry, I chose to do more about artist articles. It gives me the joy of everyday life, that I can help artists get some quality products for here, far away from the big cities. Namely in Holstebro.

How is your store different from others Flügger shops?

The biggest difference is, that it is not part of the “Flügger Group.” The store is privately owned, but with the right to sell Flügger products. That means, that this is a small, privately owned, local paint shop. Therefore, it is possible for me to run it as a paint shop and not as a major market. This means, that I have all kinds of specialty products on the shelves. Both leather color, lime paint, enamel, boat paint, art supplies, wallpapers, wall paints, wood, foils etc. I also provide a space to exhibit artmoney. During the winter period, paintings of the lesser-known artists are exhibited in the windows. I do not have to ask for permission.

Why do Flügger accept artmoney?

They do of course not. But we, here in our little local color commerce, do! It started when I got to know the artist Andreas C. Rosmon. When I chose to extend my range of products from Golden, he was suddenly in the store. I think really it was his incredible curiosity that brought him in here. He just had to see what kind of idiot that tried to bring such a quality product on the market here in the countryside ;-) We had a good talk, and I soon found out that Andreas was incredibly helpful and willing to share his great knowledge. Before he left, we started to organize the first workshops here in the shop with Andreas as a teacher. My wife and I were also invited to visit the exhibition "From Door to Door" in Hanstholm, where Andreas was a co-exhibitor. We chose to visit the exhibition, and actually attended the opening reception ;-) Here we were presented with artmoney for the first time in our lives. After a chat over the coffee table at home, we agreed that it seemed exciting to accept artmoney, and we would try. After a chat with Andreas, we came into contact with some artmoney artists from the Aarhus region. By the help of Susanne Raabe, we collected about 40 different artmoney artists for an exhibition at our shop ;-) We were doing something, we had not tried before, but we found it exciting.

Artmoney udstilling

How can other stores benefit from accepting artmoney?

One thing I enjoy much is the contact with the artists behind artmoney. I think it's a very special kind of people, with lots of exciting ideas and thoughts. It is great to discuss some "weird" ideas with them. They can provide a lot of feedback ;-) While giving the individual artist the opportunity to get their art on display, you get a lot of loyalty in return. At the same token you are inspired to try something “weird” yourself.

Flügger Franks Farver

When you are not "Franks Colors" then who are you?

I guess I am Franks Colors all the time ;-) but I also have a great passion for camping life, like fishing as a hobby. I love to sail, and my pulse rate drops by at least 10 beats when I am on the water. On the whole, it's nature and its experience that attracts me the most. I remember a question from a journalist, when they wanted to write something about my art supplies, workshops and exhibitions here locally. My answer surprised the journalist. He asked with a half reply "And with these activities, do you paint well yourself"? My answer was, of course, honestly, "No I do not, I'd rather go fishing" This is actually the correct one, I do not paint myself, but I love to talk with people who do. I like their mindset and getting a good talk with these creative people. Their way of thinking is often unexpected.

What are your personal hopes and dreams?

It's a big question, and they change over time. At one point, my big dream was to follow the footsteps of the sailor, Troels Kløvedals. Preparations were well underway. I took a sailing license and continued to read and took the yard-skipper exam and was convinced, that the day I was 60 years old, I would retire early and sail out of Thyborøn Channel on the way to great experiences in the world. But then I met my current wife at a relatively late age, and my dreams changed significantly. With the acquisition of the store, I am tied to the economy, and no longer as free, and my dreams now have become somehow more traditional. Now I dream about a good and safe life where I, along with my wife, enjoy what we do together in everyday life and enjoy when we are together with our (combined) 7 children and 11 grandchildren. Is there anything more beautiful than the incredible loyalty of grandchildren and the immediate love and trust ;-) ?

My wife and I are so privileged, that we both have our mothers still alive. As late as yesterday, I was spoiled with barbecue and cold beer with my mother in law and her husband. Yes, I try to live my dreams, many times without a safety net, and I get really supported from home.

What are your dreams and desires for the world we live in?

That this world becomes a place with room for all the differences we fortunately have. That all get the opportunities in life and everyone can live safely with their family. That no one should live with hunger, disease and fear.

What will you tell the reader, if you get perfect freedom of speech?

Let the heart rule your life and your deeds, and give space to people that think differently from you. Try to understand your fellow humans, it can be rewarding for you. Remove everything that is called distrust and embrace our diversity. Live your life, and pursue your dream, but not at the expense of others.