The 7 rules

  1. Only Artmoney Artists have the right to create artmoney®. Artmoney ApS manages the right to become an Artmoney Artist and sets the terms for membership.
  2. An artmoney must hold the measure (close to) 12x18 cm (4 3/4 x 7 inch) and clearly state the year of production, serial number, land, artist name, signature and the web address:
  3. Each artmoney must be original, hand made art. In case of photo, print, etc. it must be worked over by hand
  4. Each artmoney has two functions: First, it is an original artwork. When selling an artmoney as an original work of art, the price can be set freely. Second, an artmoney is a unit of currency. When using an artmoney to pay for goods or services, the value is fixed at USD 50.
  5. Artmoney can be used as a currency anywhere acceptance is found.
  6. Businesses are free to decide what % they will accept. Anyone who accepts artmoney are free to refuse accepting them, if they don’t like them
  7. ARTMONEY is a registered trademark of Artmoney ApS. All use of the term ARTMONEY requires prior written permission from Artmoney ApS.

The rules apply to all people involved with Artmoney.