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Educated in the 1970's at Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket by Danish artist R. Askov-Jensen. I am inspired by the music of colours: colour is sound to be seen and sound is colour to be heard. Artmoney offers me the opportunity to engage in a miniature musical of colours with different fabrics using my sewing machine; the bits of fabric are not fixed to the base from the start, the art piece grows during the work.

Artmoney exhibitions:
Manhattan, New York 2013.
Sencored Artmoney exhibition Bredgade 22, Copenhagen 2013.
Berlin 2014.
Bredgade 22, Copenhagen 2014.
Galleri Art Expo 2015.
Bredgade 22, Copenhagen 2015.
Bredgade 22, Copenhagen 2016.
"Mønter i Aalborg",Møntbørsen Aalborg 2017.
Artmoney 20 års jubilæumsudstilling, Randers 2017
Artmoney Copenhagen 2017,
Torshavn Faroe Islands 2017.
PM Kunst, Randers 2017.
CPH Art Space 2018.
Sønderborg 2018.
Las Palmas 2018.