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Annette Falk Lund - Portrait of the Month, January, 2015

Annette Falk Lund is a visual artist from the former DDR, now living in Nothern Jytland/Denmark. She makes a living as a self-taught artist. Read her story in this interview


Gallery Bohéme, Snaregade 12, Kbh..K

Kunstudstilling "Prikket Makkerskab"

  KunstUdstilling "Prikket Makkerskab"
Sierra Y Mar, Andalusien

Abstrakt akvarel i Andalusien - model i landskab - intensivt kursus i marts 2015

  Abstrakt akvarel – model i landskab i Andalusiens bjerge
Kottbusser Tor, Kreutzberg - Berlin


International Kunst og Proformance festival med temaet: MAKE LOVE NOT WAR

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