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Since 1990 the Quality of Life Research centre has been one of the most active and successful NGO research institutions in the world publishing about 130 scientific papers on quality of life and holistic medicine. Since 1997 the Research Clinic of the centre has provided safe and efficient cures for physical, mental, existential and sexual issues and health problems. The method used is holistic medicine of the classical Hippocratic type used for more than 2000 years in Europe, called clinical holistic medicine. If you go to and make a search for "clinical holistic medicine" you will see it the disorder or health problem is one that we can cure or improve your quality of life in spite of you having. Most patients will get an improved quality of life (measured with QOL1 and QOL5 questionnaires) according the clinics published statistics. Your likelihood of experiencing being cured for a health or sexual issue is about 50% in the first years. Clinical holistic medicine is body psychotherapy also called mind-body medicine. One session (50 min) is 100 EUROs and a cure normally takes 10-20 sessions during 6-12 month, or about 1000-2000 EUROs.