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I have been in love with art ever since I was a child and have been creating drawings most of my life. Later I painted with friends and had a lot of fun at croquis sessions drawing away. I am a cand. mag. in German, English and Art History from University Copenhagen, so I went into teaching. I also teach visual arts to high school kids. Five years ago I decided that I needed to get even more art back into my life, so I started to take up painting again. I love how the lights change during summer time and I photograph it for later paintings. It's about the color rather than the motive that fascinates me. Twelve months ago I came across vector drawing, so I experimented a lot. My profile picture is the second drawing I produced in google drawing. What inspires me mostly are the sea, the light, the colors, the sky with its various clouds and patterns of all sorts. Right now I am fascinated with crystals, glass, gemstones and rocks. They are really difficult to paint and I have to make a lot of attempts at the projects but it is a lot of fun, too. Then I went to the cph art space exhibition last year where I discovered the concept of Artmoney, so now I joined and I am looking forward to the journey. I hope you do too and that you enjoy what you see.