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Ray is Editor and Artist at Tapsearch Com World and Ray Tapajna Info Net sites with 1,000s of references and resources online. We have written about artmoney for years. It is a great concept since other money is becoming a very questionable value.
As an advocate for workers dignity and local economies, we mix published letters and article with our Art that Talks. (See http://www.art-that-talks.filetap.com
We now also feature Art that Heals based on color therapy and imagery studies. ( See http://art-that-heals.filetap.com ) Our main gallery online is at http://ray-tapajna-artistwebsites.com
All in the world can view our living healing art live and in motion freely on our bio pages at http://www.tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna and show the images this way freely to loved ones in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab- chemo centers etc to help wash their troubles away. When you need to take a break or have a mental block or need inspiration come an linger awhile and let our living healing art come your way to refresh your spirit and your day. Hopefully I will be able to produce my healing art as artmoney too.
See also http://www.ray-tapajna-info.net/healing-art where I combine my Art that Heals with the Healing Prayer and Second Touch Prayer. Experts tell us that it takes only 8 seconds for something you are viewing to transfer to long term memory and help to refresh your body , spirit and soul. Try it and see what happens. You can contact us at rtap@gmx.com