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Pia von Scholten works with acrylic on canvas and paper. The themes are predominantly sky, sea, and landscapes using colour contrasts to encapsule nature’s abstractions. The process is very much inspired  and influenced by the colour palettes of nature. A former teacher, PvS has been painting for many years and is a member of the arts association; Åbne Døre in Gentofte.

“I’m especially inspired by colours. I like working with different colour schemes and organic shapes. Through my paintings, I try to capture and convey ambiance and nuance in the landscape by playing with the motives’ expressions. The colours are not necessarily realistic and thus with time my style has become more expressive. 
At the moment, I’m fascinated with painting sky, clouds over sea and landscapes”. 

From time to time, I enjoy challenging myself by limiting my colour palette when painting. Moreover, it’s always exciting and interesting to work with a specific set of colours for commissioned works. 

Extract from review of the exhibition at Svenske Villa in Villabyerne by Peter Madsen: "By using the sea as a main theme, the painter PvS has created some impressive landscape paintings on canvas. Most remarkable are the dark and characterful ones with their lighter colour schemes contrasting the disquieting dark strokes creating a dramatic feel. There’s a lot of expression in these paintings’ multiple weather types. The small painting “Blue trees with evening sun” is, in my opinion, her best in this exhibition. It has a touch of Ulrik Hoff’s excellent technique."