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Michèle KLEIJNEN was born in Belgium, and is a self- taught artist since her teenage years. She continued with her painting during a year spent in Morocco and from 1970 to 1973 when she lived on a “Baltic Trader” boat. After spending a year in Toronto, Canada in 1975, she lived in the West Indies islands for seven years, where she started to exhibit her work. In 1983, she settled on the “ Côte d’ Azur ” France, where she evolved a colourist approach towards her painting and developed her own individual style. During her time in France, Michèle KLEIJNEN has held personal exhibitions in France and abroad and has also participated in many group Art shows.

“ What I paint is determined by a combination of visual interest and an emotional resonance. I don’t paint the everyday life and I do feel that my role as an artist is to provide a moment of escape, a break towards forms of memories.

 As far as I can remember, I have had a brush in my hand ! And after moving around for a number of years, my concern now is to visit what I went through which is another move and a new experience.

 I do a rudimentary drawing in pencil on the canvas, looking for a geometrical strength in the composition and make a distinction of the centre of interest. I don’t draw in details, since it will be painted over. Instead, I work as I feel evolving the painting adding details as it goes along section by section, trying to contrast detailed areas with simpler ones for variety. Any change or adjustment in colour begins to come together although each individual area is coloured when finish.

I developed great interest in art and I concentrate on painting trying to express the grandeur of what is energy in life. Concern about generosity in all ways is my favourite subject matter.

As a painter, I have a colourist approach. A combination of visual interest and an emotional resonance.  A philosophical viewpoint "