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Kunst for tiden - interwiew af Lise-Lotte Munkgaard Baarup, 2. del

Galleri-Opti v/ Lise-Lotte Baarup interviewes af Kirsten-Marie Hedeland på Kultur Kanalen i "Kunst for Tiden" over to omgange - del 2.

Kunst for Tiden - interview af Lise-Lotte Munkgaard Baarup, 1. del

Galleri-Opti v/ Lise-Lotte Baarup interviewes af Kirsten-Marie Hedeland på Kultur Kanalen i "Kunst for Tiden" over to omgange - del 1.
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By Kirsten-Marie Hedeland, tv programhost at ”Kunst for Tiden” og journalist at "Kunstavisen".

I will describe Lise Lotte as a playing artist, skipping around in a rapture of happy energy, with only one rule, there IS no rule. She collects inspiration on her trips to the great outdoors and the impressions she receives, she stores with her own lines, colours and form she desciphers her visions. She is able to keep her public, especially in her Northern Light paintings, and landscapes finished in perfect colour harmony and complete impression, no doubt , this is where her strengh lies, and this is where we as the spectator, can feel her presence. She takes a lot of photoes, on her trips to nature, but she dosnt directly use the photoes, they are stored in her brain, only to be used at a later date. She often invents elements into her landscape paintings, blends them with her recollection, and her own fantasy. To be tied up with something concrete, is inhibits her, she is moving freely, when she isnt dependant on a tree is to be placed slightly of center to the right. She is enjoying the freedom of being able to place the object wherever she wants them to be. The only time she is allowing herself to be bound, is in her teamwork with the Norwegian photografer Anders Hanssen. She is depicting his fantastiske photoes of the Northern Lights. Here she is fascinated and she completely gives in to the substance, the airyness, the magic, and the incredible colours, and the moving lights. The Northern Light,is a unique phenomenon of nature and has been thrilling people for years. Each and every incidense of the Northern Light is unique, and this is no exception with Lise Lottes paintings, as a moving curtainsor or as tall smoke signals, she spreads the Northern Light across the canvas, with a deep mystical night sky as a background. The colour scheme goes from flourescent green, and a touch of pink only to end in a purple core. Her paintings of the Northern Lights are exdplosive a terrific awesome show of lights. Her little series about the tiny man, carting various fruits around the canvas, her style is kept in a simple, almost grafical line. The fruit is painted oversize but very realistical, you want to reach out and smell, or perhaps taste the fruits. The background is simple/ uniform and clear as far the colours are concerned and the motiv is void of details. Focus is kept on the primary. The painting appears simple but ... after a while there appears to be a hidden message, the little mans fight against society. Lise Lotte is an artist who is experimenting, she is not bound by boundaries and and expectations in certain motifs. Her curiosity is forcing her to keep testing varoius tecniques, and new areas to try out. She will never find this boring. The challanges she takes on is leading her further and further into the process, where she crudely can pick from the huge amount of various facetts, she contains, and all the expressions and messages she is hiding within.