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Dear Artlover
My name is Kim. I'm a self-taught artist from Denmark.
To characterize my work is not easy.
My many years of travelling and visiting different countries and cultures
has certainly inspired me. I am a great admirer of various architectures,
from the far and mysterious East to Gaudi's amazing asymmetrical buildings in Barcelona.
I like to paint in many different colorful styles.

If I am asked to name a predominant theme in my works,
it must be "cartoon style", slightly mixed with steampunk,
but I always keep it in my own version of "Naive" style.

My figures and characters often come "floating" in different forms
and shapes on a colorful background.
I`m deeply fascinated by the Czechoslovakia cartoon “Professor "Balthazar" from the early 1970`ties.

One thing I remember from my childhood and schooldays is that my teacher often ask me:
“Kim, are you listening or are you drawing?
Well, I was drawing, and up to now I`m still drawing and painting.
The art grows deeply inside me. Even in my dreams!
Yours Sincerely
Kim Schandorff