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Jovadre art is in fact my wife and me, especially as photographers. We discusse about projects we will do, the content and the way we will present the photos. Most of all autonomous work. We prefer to work with dancers, outside the stage, in the subway, a restaurant, a library, a church etc. We did so for several years.

In the case of Artmoney we will work with nude, not just naked, but edit in Photoshop, so you see the figuration of the body. We combined that pictures with tattoo and other abstract work. After printing we will ad some details, you will see.

We recently published a photobook, a documentary about a 16 year acrobate. We followed her for 12 months to show the world her hard work to reach her goal. Her dream is to work in Cirque du Soleil.

At this moment (end 2018) we discusse with a small museum about a new project, together with them. Later on we will tell about that.

Yes we like exhibiting together all over the world so let u know!!

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