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I grew up by the ocean in Lomma, which is why the ocean and nature is often a theme in my art. I´m fascinated by how humans meet the wild nature, will animals and humans ever treat each other with respect? What needs to happen before we start working together to make this world last?

I´ve been painting full time since 2004 and held a lot of exhibitions around Malmö where I live and work, but also in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Florence. Florence is the town where I studied art, at Lorenzo de Medici School of Arts. It gave me the traditional printmaking technique and a good look into the history of renaissance art.
Most of all I´m self taught, both within painting and illustrating. It's great that the learning never ends, I´m always curious about new materials, new styles, new stories.
I will do my best to write and paint those stories for you to see.

My studio is at the moment by the square of Möllan in Malmö, I like to work in a shared working studio with other creators, and this area is like a creative melting pot of people and projects.

Please contact me for any ideas, thoughts or wishes.

All the best,
// Johanna Rehn