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Kunstmesse i Grindsted

The old gym at Nordre Skole in Grindsted is transformed into a artist workshop and gallery for local artists. 
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Vejle Ø
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I am born in 1971, married and have a lovely son. 
Some years ago I started having chronic pains and I had to stop working as a teacher. 
No longer working, I had to find out something else to spend my time on. 
I used to teach children in artclasses and my creativity longed to play a role in my life.
I tried making art of glass, neddlefelting, making jewelry a.o. but I fell in love with painting.

I chose acrylic on canvas and I have stayed with that since around 2010.
Landscapes is my primary inspiration. The Faroe Islands, Iceland, Denmark and variuos other places.
Sometimes I prefer the more abstract look, sometimes more naturalistic. 

I use water, sponges, cloth, brushes and I paint in many layers o the canvas.