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Bibelske Pengesedler ?

Bibelske pengesedler? - Workshop for alle aldre
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København S
Tel: +45 25365260 sms and mobilepay
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Holger Madsen
Educated as a teacher of art for children, I studied children’s work of art as an expression of their actual interest, social situation and spontaneous aesthetic ability.

After education in professional visual communication and design on the web I included electronic possibilities of expression in my work.

Being self-made, I am interested in visual meditation as an ongoing connection between the invisible inner person and stream of consciousness (including unconscious impulse) and the possibilities of human creation as an aesthetic handling and balancing of actual existential phenomena.

In the aspect of creative ‘stream’ a picture come close to music.
So I also include original melodies in my art.

As inventor and supporter of I include other artists' artmoney dedicated to support this project:

Besides making art-money and art I offer to work in different degrees of interaction with the buyer of art or an audience at an exhibition or a lecture, inviting people to take part in the experiment of creating a work of art.

From january 2018 I have artmoney and artmoney-music for sale also at Gallery Zadros Plus

I would also like to exchange my artmoney (one by one) with others from many artmoney-artists all over the world.
Please write to me: seselv[at]
and we will find a way.