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Form and function is creating the basis for each design idea, I even incorporate a fiberglass thread into the hats, giving them a traffic-safe reflex effect. The process starts with a knitted cord which is wrapped around the head - afterwards anything can happen. Because of the technique everything is in double layers.

It all started with a French Knitter. Like most other kids I was creating endless meters of knitted cords from a very young age. I was deeply intrigued by the precise and consistent expression. When I was expecting my first child it all came back to me. My mom gave me a sack full of all the knitted cords I had made when I was a kid. The fascination was still just as great and a desire arose to make new sense to all the miles of yarn I had used. But it was challenging to produce large things when the process starts with turning miles of yarns into knitted cords. The process accelerated when I discovered the knitting mill. I started out with an ordinary hat and then it developed.