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I am Dresden Liam  `walkaboutdude' Moss. Besides being a world traveler and absorbing cultures and diverse customs, I lived in the Middle East for eight years.  I was given the name `walkaboutdude' when visiting Australia by a local guide.  I am a writer, illustrator, and photographer.  Despite all the tension and ugliness in today's world, I find humor in all things and learned long ago that attitude would dictate my well-being and how I see our world.  I feel blessed to participate in the Great Circus, the USA, and have a front-row seat at the freak show.  My art subjects range from commentaries about American life to the beautiful nature shows us when we take the time to see. My art is signed with my chop mark 'Voice of the Waves'--my spirit name and my wax seal is added to the back.

My philosophy:  keep laughing and dance to your life, and you will discover the abundant richness in all you do.  Remember, you are the Mirror of All Things. 

My medium is the pen, acrylic, ink, collage, and pencil.