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Catrine's art practice revolves around challenging what sculpture means today

There's a strong undercurrent of the graphical intertwined with an unconventional color palette

The organic meets the linear

The playful meets the grotesque

The living meets the dead

It takes somebody with an unusual perspective combine such threads

Catrine's works provoke strong reactions. They're not for everybody

What they are: an unfiltered glance into an indefinite mind

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Artmoney is based on a generational idea:

If I'm serious about my art, I have to print my own money

It's the only way to artistic freedom

True art cannot live in a world controlled by power-savyy middlemen

In such a world, I would remain a slave of normality

Artmoney is my way of breaking the chains

I create unique pieces of art that travel the world as currency

Artmoney is my commitment to divine artistic freedom

My life depends on it


I was born in a Northern kingdom far far away

My father was painting upstairs while my mother lived in glossy magazines

I graduated as a multimedia designer, but had no clue how to graduate life

That came gradually through one painful mistake after another

When there were no more mistakes to make, I had arrived at the beginning of the rest of my life:

Completely and utterly committed to art

Each and every day

With a studio in Copenhagen, Denmark

With a vision of a competeless future

My art is not for everybody

The ones that are drawn to it know how to think for themselves, they appreciate the non-obvious

In that case, I would be pleased to hear from you