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Georgi Rakovski Str. 201 a
Sofia, 1000
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My name is Yordan Rusenov Aleksandrov and I am a traditional Barber. With my work I want to strengthen the connection of the people to their own personality and bring their inner beauty to the surface.

I was born in a small town next to the sea in the east of Bulgaria. An area called Novi Pazar. So I spend my childhood in a very familiar atmosphere. Maybe this is why I have always seen the process of getting in touch with people as something not only natural but also essential.

I'm still in the process of figuring out my own individuality, live out my interests and experience the miracles of our world, which can also be of mental nature in the mind of the person sitting in front of me.

So I would describe all encounters as an exchange of energy.

For me it is important to try to educate the people in knowing how special they are, and that they have only one life. That's why they have to find their own purpose in life, and try not to waste time to hide behind the mask of common prejudices.

First we have to be able to feel beauty from inside, and then outside. Our job as hairdressers is simply to enhance the natural of way of beauty.

In the end I want to make people conscious of their specialness, to stay out of the ordinary mass and give them awareness of this wonderful path that is lying in front of them.

And of course at the end of the story there is a beautiful haircut, a pure smile.