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Artist Sweets Becker (Chris Becker)
has been working as a professional music photojournalist since 2008 for different media outlets around New York. He has photographed many bands live in concert in around in different places in New York in his hometown alongside also different places in the United States. His other trade is he is an art educator and practicing visual artist. In the past he has showed his art in many galleries and spaces around the United States starting at a young age around the visual arts.
In 2002, Chris Becker received his bachelors of fine arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City along with his associates degree from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York in “2001, in visual arts along with art education as his minor. You can find his music photojournalism on the links below and on different media outlet sites and on the internet posted along with his past art and music related interests around capturing music live. He has also been a certified art educator in visual arts from 2004-Present. So If you like to meet with him over email or perhaps in person you can contact him. Thanks Mr.Chris Becker (Artist Sweets Becker)
Education/work resume can be sent on request along with references along with photography resume plus school transcripts.

Artist Statement:
When I create my art, I try to use colors and design to my art as well my frenetic scenes, as for me being a artist I use subjective content like people in situations again with frenetic scenes seen as areas of design. I feel as me being a artist and always traveling and seeing many things in my life has changed and formed me into a more intense artist in figurative art and at times abstract art to my skills of a creative human in my expressions. In my belief of making art I also have to think their is a time to market your art and grow with your art in different formats of me creating something to the view seen by others .

In the past in my studio I did happen to have but lost , It gave me something of thought to becoming yourself with yourself can change many formats of your art while you work in a private studio space in the past I have have been more for my work dealing with Expressionist lines on a canvas or paper with fast movement and design alongside my Photography I make with buildings and landscapes as music . I really try to move my design work into all my art in some way with angles and formats of perspective or with people inside my drawings our my paintings with it either being abstractions of subjecting matter our figurative formats.
Facebook page:
Past art shows can be found on my website along with my photography resume plus my education resume can be sent by email.

Mr.Chris Becker
Artist Sweets Becker NYC USA