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The Alexander technique offers you a method for life-long learning. You can use it to develop self-awareness and self-reliance.
The Technique can add a new dimension of creativity to your life and lead to on-going self-discovery.

How can you learn the Alexander Technique:
You learn the Alexander Technique through one-to-one lessons. This setting provides the best opportunity for your individual needs to be addressed.

I am a certified trained Teacher from the Society og Teachers of Alexander Technique (STAT) and member of the Danish Alexandernetvaerk and DFLAT (Dansk Forening af Lærere I Alexanderteknik).

* be poised, without stiffness
* Move gracefully, with less effort
* be alert and focused, with less strain.

Poise, Vitality and coordination improve.

Breathing and speaking become easier.

Movement becomes freer, lighter and more enjoyable.

Performers can improve stamina, increase clarity of perception, free up spontaneity and manage stage fright.

Sports people can improve flexibility, timing and efficiency, to be on form more consistently.