How to make artmoney

First JOIN as an ARTIST. Then make artmoney as described

Artmoney can be made of any material as long as it is handmade (original). In the case of photography, graphics or other mechanical production, it must be processed by hand afterwards to meet the requirement of originality.

Artmoney dimensions: 12x18 cm (allowed to vary by a few millimeters)

Information applied to each artmoney:

  •  Serial number (beginning with 001, 002, 003 ... and start over each year)
  •  Year of production
  • Clearly written artist name (the same name as is written in the artmoney profile)
  • Country (not an acronym such as “D,” but the country clearly spelled, like “Germany”)
  • Original artist signature
  • The web address:

It is OK to add other information, as long as the mandatory information appears clearly.

The information can be written by hand, glued on or applied with a stamp, etc. However, please make sure that the information is securely applied as artmoney must withstand being handled as a currency.

It is the responsibility of the artist to execute their artmoney properly. Artmoney which is not properly made may be rejected by shops and collectors.

Sample artmoney by Lars Kraemmer with the required information written on the back side of the original artwork

A short film of the creation of an artmoney. Filmed by Malika Ferot while Lars Christian Kraemmer is painting, 2021.