How artmoney works


Artmoney is original art with a fixed value, a fixed size and fixed game rules, made by “Artmoney artists” from the whole world.

As an artmoney artist you can issue your own artmoney. You can sell your artmoney to collectors’ worldwide with a personal PayPal account at no commission! You can also announce exhibitions in the calendar, connect easily with other artmoney artists and take part in the many group exhibitions. Being an artmoney artist is being part of a global network of artists.

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(One year membership cost only Danish Kroner 456,25 incl. VAT)

Artmoney works as a currency at selected shops

As a shop you decide how many % you wish to accept in artmoney. You are allowed to deny artmoney, that do not fall into your taste. There is no pressure and no risk in accepting artmoney as a currency. As a shop you can sell artmoney in your shop-profile with a PayPal account. You can also spend artmoney at other shops, use them as a present or keep them in your art collection. Artmoney shops enjoy respect and attention for free!

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Collect artmoney. It is of great benefit to the artist and to you, as a collector. You buy directly from the artist, who sells with no commission, and you can communicate both ways. Artmoney is inexpensive, takes little space on the wall and connects people around the world. As a collector you have an option to exhibit your collection on the artmoney site for all to enjoy. Buy your first artmoney online HERE

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At the Ibsens Hotel in Copenhagen/Denmark, they accept 50% payment in artmoney- you can pay up to half of your stay with artmoney at this fine hotel located at one of the best down-town adresses in the Danish capital!