Kunstmesse i Grindsted

The old gym at Nordre Skole in Grindsted is transformed into a artist workshop and gallery for local artists. 

They will present their works and provide insight into their working methods and, in general, answer questions from visitors.

A couple of talented students from “Billund Billedskole” also participate with their teacher Hans Ole Herbst.

In addition, you can meet the artists Bodil and Jørgen Lisborg, Ellen A. Roesgaard, Lene Hygum, Lisbeth Dalsgaard, Jette Guld Lerke-Møller, Lene Eisig, Pia Daae, Kirsten Danielsen, Hanne Ernst, Bodil Ølholm, Naia Bjert and Anette van Straaten.

The working methods and motifs differ widely from artist to artist, but common to all of them is that they burn for visual art.

It will be possible to see Artmoney, paintings, watercolor, ceramics, porcelain and weaving.

Visitors will be presented to a variety of many beautiful, colorful, contentious and catchy works.

Maybe you fall in love with a painting, drawing or other kind of artwork?

Free entry.

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