Artmoney exhibition in China

The initiation of the “Side by Side, Hand in Hand” virtual Artmoney exhibition in the Gansu Province of China


Dear artmoney artist,

You are hereby invited to submit an “electronic artmoney” to the application for an exciting online exhibition in China. It is with very short notice, so you must reply very soon in order to make it on time! I hope you, and as many artmoney artists as possible, will take part in this first artmoney representation show in China, so we collectively can make a positive impression of artmoney and of your personal work as an individual artist! This invitation is on the initiative of Yang Zheng, who contacted me recently with a request to work together to promote artmoney in China. The following text is by her, and it will inform you of what to do...


Lars Christian Kræmmer

Phone: +45 24251777 / /Denmark




The initiation of the “Side by Side, Hand in Hand” painting virtual exhibition

To promote artistic exchanges between China and Western countries. The “Side by Side, Hand in Hand” painting virtual exhibition was proposed by “Belt and Road Initiative” in 2021. We hereby invite all the artists who are interested in the subject to joining this online exhibition.

The subject “Side by Side, Hand in Hand” it means working together with China. Use the artmoney as a medium to show the friendship between China and Western countries in these special times.

This virtual exhibition is a national-level exhibition. If your work is selected for the exhibition, it will be published on TV, in newspapers, and on the internet in China.

All the participants for this exhibition must agree that your artwork does not involve the content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, libelous, hateful, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable.

Time for work collection and exhibition:

  • Time for collection: January 5 – April 15 (Submit in the form of electronic pictures for selection)
  • Time for virtual exhibition: May 2021 (The date will finalize in April)

Requirements for the exhibition:

  • Subject: Side by Side, Hand in Hand

Types of Artmoney:

  • The original of the artworks: drawings, oil- or acrylic paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphy works, prints with hand-made work on, watercolor paintings, gouache paintings, photographs with hand-made work on, Seal engraving, collages, ceramics


  • 12x18 cm
  • Please do not frame your Artwork
  • Please contribute in the form of an electronic picture. We recommended that your photo must be taken with a camera, with a minimum resolution of 300, and a minimum of 2000 pixels, and a file size of about 5M


  • Exhibitors must have full ownership of their artworks and must not infringe on any patents, copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of others


  • Please find attached the application
  • Please also send your resume, painting introduction, creative process (within 200 words outline)

Contact information:

Other info:

  • Administration and translation fee: 200 DKK per person(Only pay the fee after your artwork is published on TV, in newspapers, and on the internet in China, Mobil pay: 0045 26422083)
  • This exhibition does not charge any fees
  • The work done by Lars Christian Kræmmer is free of charge
  • The organizer has the rights to exhibit, research, photograph, video, publish and promote on TV and the Internet












Application for 2021 the “Side by Side, Hand in Hand” painting virtual exhibition





ID number


Contact Number


Title of Artmoney






Type of Artmoney

□Oil painting             □Traditional Chinese painting         □Calligraphy




□Watercolor                 □Gouache                                        

□Photograph                □Others                                           


Size of Artmoney


     The size of your artmoney must hold the standard 12x18 cm


Artwork introduction (within 200 words outline)
























Signature of the author








Gansu province, China
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