Artmoney is out of control. No central unit dictates the quality of each artwork. Anyone can make artmoney. Any material can be used and there is absolutely no censorship on visual expression.

Artmoney is striving to enhance individual freedom, equality, love and understanding. For this to happen we need to exercise tolerance, mutual interest, and patience.

It is clear to all, that an absurd currency of hand-made art may require a number of years to establish itself as a common means of payment. When this is said, it is an urgent battle between the little person and a gigantic system of cool cash. A system that has grown so big and bold, that there is no trace left of the human touch.

To win the battle against our own system, it is necessary to follow a different set of rules. Artmoney follows the rule of freedom. That is why we take no responsibility for the expression, the use or the effect of artmoney. No control and no responsibility. The intention is all good. Let’s imply the human touch to money and see what happens…

Presentation of artmoney on Wall Street by Lars Kraemmer, 2000