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Childrens Bible Art & Supportrs Exhibition 2021 
Solvang Kirke, Remisevej 10, 2300 Kbh. S
Vernissage Sunday 28.11.2021 
- after church service at 10:30

The exhibition continues during December 2021 towards the Holy Three Kings day.

This is an ‘open call’, so everyone is invited, in advance, to make, donate and submit Bible drawings in artmoney format 12X18 cm for the exhibition.

The exhibition title: 
- wants to point out the important bridge and communication between generations, both in terms of faith and creativity.

Donated works are exhibited and put up for sale for DKK 200 per piece to support children in poor countries.

Advent and Christmas are perfect for homemade Christmas gifts. Christmas lasts until Easter and rings with Ascension Day and Pentecost etc. 

Try a CHILD & ADULT BIBLE-drawing-gift ... 
ChildrensBibleArt plans and organizes the exhibition for both children and adults, so you and your child candraw and participate together, with biblical images in 12x18 cm.

Until the exhibition begins on 28.11.2021, Children's Bible Art accepts donations of Christmas-, Easter- and Pentecostal drawings - and all other biblical themed drawings according to own motif 
-lookup in the Bible.

Donated art works are set to sale at the exhibition in the church's rooms  in the
Solvang Church, Remisevej 10, DK 2300 Copenhagen. 

The works are sold for DKK 200 per. pcs. This is the standard price for an artmoney, and we lean on the same concept also with sales through

THE RULES for the ChildrensBibleArt exhibition with Supporters:
The works are drawn (painted or cut-and-pasted, possibly crocheted or knitted) by a child or young person at any age from 0 to 18 years. - For this exhibition also together with adults Supporters bible pictures, made by both professional artists and amateurs.

All images must be 12x18 cm - artmoney standard size.
The 12x18 cm format is just slightly smaller than half an A4 page, so if you fold and cut an A4 sheet in the middle, you have paper for two drawings, and the outer edge can be cut off afterwards to fit the format.

CBA drawings must have an accurate Bible reference
(eg, Luke 2, verses 8-9).

Children and adults can get inspiration and updates in the Bible online: - Eg: Luke 2
- or search around the Bible yourself until you find inspiration for an art work.

Some get their image inspiration from a beloved hymn; and from this a biblical reference can almost certainly be found, as required. 

Childrens images should on the back side be supplied with:
Title; Artist first name, Country, Bible-reference.

Adults (over the age of 18) are welcome to add surname, and adult artists who wish to do so can provide a contact option for the catalog or exhibition list; either phone number, email address, website or postal address.

Pictures donated to ChildrensBibleArt may be exhibited and, possibly. sold for the mentioned purpose at: 
at events, or at

This invitation is an 'Open Call', so both amateurs and professional artists, who want to donate works, can participate, along with children or solo as support of the project.

Donated CBA drawings should be sent to:
c/o Holger Madsen,
Peder Lykkes Vej 5 st. tv.
DK 2300 Copenhagen S. Denmark

Questions are answered via mail: 

Best regards, 
 Holger Madsen

Solvang Church
Remisevej 10
2300 Kopenhagen S

Sunday, November 28, 2021 at 12 

Event admin: 

Price: 200,00 DKK
Shipping fee: 0,00 DKK