Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world

Serial no.: Sara Legind-Hansen-2020-002
  • Style: Other
  • Color: Black / White
  • Material: Glass
  • Thickness: Above 2 mm

One of my artmoney for the exhibition at The Bank and Savings Museum. It’s made of broken framing glass and paper mosaiced on plywood. 

120 artists from a range of countries are exhibiting 1200 artmoney. The challenge in this exhibition is that the artist, freely express her/himself visually around the Corona crisis in 10, time-specific artmoney.

The exhibition is scheduled to open on September 11th, 2020 and lasts for nearly one year.  #saralegindhansen #danishmosaicartist #danishmosaic #artmoney #kunstudstillinger

Price: USD 50.00
Shipping fee: USD 10.00