jailed in argentina

Serial no.: Heinz Rainer Fuchs-2021-051
  • Style: Other
  • Color: Other
  • Material: Collage
  • Thickness: Below 2 mm

collage with a real banknote and "first day sheet" with stamp

I really enjoy working with banknotes as a reflection of life itself. The removal of the printed image makes space for your own expression – the given perspective is abandoned. In this work, however, the paradox of liberation from the norm and imprisonment of mind becomes apparent as that the removal of the printed image becomes obviously the bars of a prison. The contrast between the exemption and restriction of norms culminates in the merging of the banknote and “first day sheet”, which was cut from a DIN A5 format into the standard size of an Artmoney (120 x 180 mm).

Price: USD 50.00
Shipping fee: USD 0.00