Il Color Divino I

Serial no.: Bettina Nielli Briand-2013-056
  • Style: Abstract
  • Color: Other
  • Material: Paper
  • Thickness: Below 2 mm

This is one out of a series of sketches for the preparation of a large murales project in Italy in Massa Carrara at the Tuscan coast. The project was called "Il color Di-vino" ("the divine colour" or "the colour of wine"). The project was a colaboration with Carrefour and a wineproducer, and both the murales and the sketches are made of Tuscan wine amongst other materials. Massa Carrara is where you find marble, but is also where the old roads of pilgrimage leads through. On the sketches the text say: "Traveler there is no path, the path is made by walking".  

Price: 200,00 DKK
Shipping fee: 20,00 DKK