Serial no.: Elisa Rossi-2020-4
owned by Elisa Rossi
  • Style: Other
  • Color: Other
  • Material: Canvas
  • Thickness: Above 2 mm

Painting: Oil, Acrylic on Canvas.

The painting was inspired by the artist's spiritual path of investigation and facing of shadow to uncover the innate genius hidden on the other side of conditioning. That genius and preciousness that once found and saved, restored and cherished, gives birth to gifts, fresh perspectives and expansion that can be shared and activate the viewers' own innate gifts and uniqueness. It is about the uniqueness and beauty present in each human being that never dies but gets just dusty and hidden by external conditioning, devaluation and oppressive treatments. Especially for the times being I think that self liberation and reactivation of the genius that grows within each of us are essential to evolution of our species and positive change in the collective.
How to love myself? How to embrace myself?

These are the questions that drive my artist’s journey. Homecoming is about being your own savior. Sometimes there is no hero but yourself. You can embrace that tiny speck of strength left and use it to travel from constriction and sadness to endless possibilities, infinite potential. The painting is realized in multiple layered textures that use as a foundation a previous painting. I wanted to create the effect of multiple bodies overlapping and entangling through grids of reality, with a translucent effect.

Price: USD 50.00
Shipping fee: USD 75.00