Published Nov. 10. 2016

artmoney is art

The struggle for recognition of artmoney as art continues...

The struggle for recognition of artmoney as a currency continues.

The struggle for recognition of artmoney as art also continues ... but it's the art elite themselves who struggles to recognize it.


Since the beginning, the art elite frowned at artmoney as art. It is easy to understand. Anyone can join. There is no censorship. The works of art have the same sales value and you encounter artmoney in every corner of society. While it may seem a little odd that the art elite insist on an outdated tunnel vision that denies the majority of the world's artistic expression, and thus miss out on the most. Perhaps they have painted themselves into a corner? But that is their business. The world is full of beauty, for humans who are open for it.


A special quality in artmoney is the people behind. It is felt very much when we take part in group exhibitions. The atmosphere at an opening reception of an artmoney exhibition is quite different from that of an opening reception of elite art. The snob effect has unfavorable conditions because people socialize too much and talk together, as if they mean it. They make plans for joint actions and imagine societal changes toward utopian horizons. One might be tempted to call us "common people," but then artmoney could not be considered as art, right?


Here are some impressions from this year's group exhibition at Bredgade/Copenhagen, this year's participation in the international Coin Exchange Conference and a special exhibition in Vanløse/Copenhagen organized by the Danish protest singer, Dull Fantastique.

80 artists from five nations exhibit at Gallery Bredgade 22 in Copenhagen, 2016

Danish author, Gordon Inc. spoke about rich and poor at the opening reception at Gallery Bredgade 22 

Argentine artmoney artist, Gonzalo Duport, exchanged artmoney with other artists at the opening reception at Gallery Bredgade 22

Artmoney was represented as a currency at the International Coin Collectors Conference in Frederiksberg/Copenhagen, 2016

Vanløse Kulturstation - artmoney exchange event with protest songs by the Danish Band "Velfærdsmusik" arranged by Dull Fantastique, 2016


Keep in mind that you, yourself can take initiate to arrange an artmoney exhibition and invite the rest of us!



Lars Christian Kraemmer