Published Apr. 17. 2017


Visit the ARTMONEY GALLERY in Frederiksberg/Denmark


The ARTMONEY GALLERY officially opened the door on April 7th, 2017. The vice mayor of Frederiksberg held a fine opening speech, welcoming artmoney to the city and supporting the use of artmoney in local shops. Many guests made their way by and contributed to the festivities with smiles and laughter.  Sanshiro Kraemmer (age 14) made the film of the reception, and Kishichiro Kraemmer (age 12) took the press photos.


The idea of an ARTMONEY GALLERY is to meet the public face to face. Artists and shop holders are welcome to drop by for a talk about the use of artmoney and collectors can easily shop their favorite artmoney to expand their collection. At the same time, the small space serves the multi-function of working studio, storage, exhibition space for larger art works and an office for administration.


The ARTMONEY GALLERY is run by the founder of artmoney, Lars Christian Kraemmer. As there are no employees, the opening hours are flexible, but there is a good chance to find the gallery open Monday to Friday.



Rosenørns Allé 44

Frederiksberg / Copenhagen

Phone: +45 24251777

Please call for an appointment

Opening hours (flexible):

Monday to Friday, 11-17

Conviently located near Forum Metro Station and the Bus 2A stops right outside at the "H. C. Ørsted" stop