Published Apr. 01. 2015

Artist of the Month - The Poetess

There was much pain in my childhood, pain I could not put into words, because I did not have the words, and because my surroundings in the province rather would talk about the weather and food, and my father would not talk about my mother

When- and where were you born?

At the National Hospital in Copenhagen. On a Saturday 3:55 PM. Both my parents were present. My mother sat up squatting at the head of the bed when I came out of her. My father watched.

Where did you grow up and where have you lived?

After my birth I moved, of course, into my parents' apartment on Holsteinsgade 8, Copenhagen. There we lived for almost a year - i.e. my parents did ... I moved to an orphanage when I was 3 months old ... for the first time ... due to domestic disputes. When I was 11 months and 8 days I was baptized. This followed because of a letter my parents had received - or a warning rather - that I would come to be called Margaret, named after the queen of Denmark, unless I had been named before I turned 12 months old. My mother insisted that I came to be called Nancy, my father Catharine. Guests of the church had to wait for 30-45 minutes while the priest took my parents out in the back room, where they argued about it. Finally the priest came into character and ruled that I got both names Catharine and Nancy. It was not the only thing my parents argued over, and shortly after baptism, my mum moved into a protected “Mothers' home” in Nordre Frihavnsgade with me. Then my mother got an apartment on Southern Boulevard, where we moved away, but soon after I moved to Charlottenlund, orphanages, because my mother sometimes forgot to pick me up from the nursery home. Soon after that she moved permanently to Kenya, where she came from, and I moved into a babies home in Hellerup. When I was a bigger “little girl” the orphanage had to close down, and turned into a nursery home, so we all were moved to foster care. I came to a family in Kalundborg, but visited my father on weekends. He had faithfully visited me every Sunday for an hour at the orphanage. I moved back to my father when I was 16. Since then I have traveled and lived in Copenhagen, New York, Nevada, Texas, Paris, Minnesota and Kenya.


How did you become "The Poetess?"

There was much pain in my childhood, pain I could not put into words, because I did not have the words, and because my surroundings in the province rather would talk about the weather and food, and my father would not talk about my mother – to his second daughter, my half sister, he said, that he had found me on a bus. That a lady got off the bus and left me on the seat, and then he took me. To me he said that my mother was the queen of Africa, and a very busy lady, but if I behaved like a proper princess, he would one day take me back to the castle, but it was the world's greatest secret, and I could not tell it to anyone. I did not, as long as I was a child. I saw many films from the savannah in Africa, but I never saw any castles, but I imagined it in my daydreams.

I made poetry, from before I could write. Read aloud from books before I could read. Stories that came out of the blue, and that was catchy enough, for the adults listened intently while they mumbled, "where she get it from?" At the age of 5 or 6 I published my first collection - i.e. I had written a lot of poems and made some drawings and put it all together into a booklet. The adults thought it was so good that it at the nearest round birthday was read for everyone. I sat tearfully and listened, and went afterwards to a remote place, and sobbed: "How dare they!" They had not asked me for permission, I did not even know they had found my little collection which I had written to myself and which held my innermost thoughts. The first poem I wrote was called “Sad, Sad, Sad. Life is so Sad.” That's what was read aloud. Everyone laughed and applauded, and later came orders for more poems. I wrote on an old typewriter, but soon thereafter, I got me a diary with a lock, and then my thoughts and poems could remain mine. I wrote myself out of my pain without an audience - every day. My Danish teacher loved my style and said that I should publish them as children's books. I drew a lot and thought I had to be an artist, later a designer and then an actress or a dancer. I tried it all, meanwhile I always wrote every night. I was an apprentice with numerous actors and learned countless monologues.

In summer, 2005, I performed my 'own monologue' my own work in a forest in Sweden at a friendly get-together. A producer happened to be present and was taken by storm. We started recordings together, and practiced with accompaniment. We made an EP acoustically recorded with approximately 5- 6 tracks on.

After a year I moved to New York and appeared with my poetry at any open poetry club scene, I could find. It became almost every night, and I quickly became well known. I only had in mind to get a breakthrough and then get a job. My style was unheard of, and hit in a dry place where most poets spoke about themselves, I spoke about the mysteries of life, God and Spirituality. After six years in New York, where I had success in the underground and was well known and revered, I traveled spontaneously to Las Vegas, where I spent the next 4-5 months. Here I took Las Vegas Poetry Scene with storm since this scene was very limited. If you want to go big, go small. Here my success was so great that I began to sell my EP, I printed the covers, and they were torn away. Every weekend I made a new production. After each Poetry sharing I sat and sold them, and even signed upon request. They cost $ 7 because it was my favorite number, and because I never had any business sense. Some people gave me $ 20 and said keep the change because they thought I was clever. It went well, but my visa ran out, and I traveled back to Denmark on my return ticket. I came back as a new person in late spring 2007. Sought immediately the poetry scene at Ideal Bar. Here I met Lars Kraemmer.

July 7, 2007, I borrowed producer's studio and recorded a 3-double album with 7 tracks on each. 7 has always been my favourite number, so it was very important to me. I started at 7am and was determined to use the 24 hours I had negotiated. Everything was one-takes and created on the spot. At 8am the producer came - and the deal was 24 hours and a copy of everything that I had made. I left 3 CDs behind. Now Poetess was really born. The World lay open at my feet. I had spent two years to create and memorize 21 poems, now they were out. Then I sold the CD to interested in Copenhagen and published it as Artmoney in 2008. The first CD 'release as Artmoney.

What is your motivation to write poetry?

My motivation for writing poetry is that it is my friend, my friend I can trust, who would never dream of betraying me. A very meditative experience for me, very reflective. A poem is created, and I'm just the intermediary of this. It even knows how to start and how it should end. I am just a poetry servant who has the task of describing her character. A noble task, since I do not feel there is much that is heavier than poetry. The word. In the Beginning was the Word. And the Word was God.

How would you describe your "spoken word" style?

First I wrote prose poems about feelings. When I learned about Shakespeare, I learned that he only rhymed when something was important, so when something was worth remembering ... .Then I thought, what if an entire monologue was important ?! What if everything rhymed? Then I created my style ... having something to say that rhyme with the next sentence.

"Easy Listening Rap" I called for many years my poetry.

Tell us about your inspiration and what you find particularly interesting to express in words and music.

Love. Hope. Cohesion. Aesthetics. I love to admire. It is a pleasure to inspire me to grab pen and paper ... or recorder. I have always had a deep faith in God, and an immediate acceptance that there's something much bigger than us humans who set the agenda, and we have been given free will to choose love or deselect it - everything at will.

You made artmoney for many years. How have you used artmoney? Do you have any suggestions on how other artists make the most out of their artmoney?

I have used artmoney to publish my first 'baby' - the 21 poems. Artmoney is a wonderful concept, and you, Lars, has created a book as an artmoney, and thousands have made paintings as artmoney. There are many innovative options with artmoney, and only one's own imagination sets the limit, as long as you comply with the measures. I play with several different senses, visual & audio. Have thought about whether I should also add a fragrance...

When you are not "The Poetess," then who are you?

A creature who always try to be humble and grateful. A person who always learn new things every day, and who do not view two days alike. I dream of a better and new world, which I am confident will come. I have always been independent, and somewhat of a loner. I have experienced a lot and wake up every day thankful for life.

What are your personal hopes and dreams?

My hope is eternal youth and my dream is to live without pain.

100 percent this will happen. Until then, I hope to earn enough money to live a year in a sparsely inhabited island, and in my nakedness and solitude and without interruption write the book my inner Self calls on.

Otherwise I just hope that I can bring something valuable to the lives of other people, I love to smile ... and will usually get a smile back - lovely endorphins.

What are your dreams and desires for the world we live in?

My favorite book is the Bible. It writes John, one of the apostles of Jesus

(1st John 2: 15-17)

15 Do not love either the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in sky; 16 because everything in the world -the desire of the flesh and the desire of the eyes and the showy display of one's means of life - does not originate with the Father, but originates with the world. 17 further embodiments, the world is passing away and so is its desire, but the one who does the goodwill of God Remains forever.

The new world is coming, is the real life. This world with all its injustice will pass. Bible, which is a collection of prophecies describe this closely.

The doctrine of evolution is the usual, but none have consistently managed to answer that if man comes from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? - Why man has no fur? why man can feel sorrow and deprivation, if it is natural that it is the survival of the fittest ... .endvidere if Darwin's theory to hold water, why is the world so not a better place if it is the strongest / best leading things forward? This world can not possibly be a better place if not completely perfect person enters. God.

What will you tell the reader, if you get totally free speech?

Loving and wonderful heavenly Father, Sovereign Ruler of the Universe!

Thank you for helping us to remember elsewhere our hope comes from. Where we come from and where we are going.

Happy that we are able to live our life and know the truth, and not have two worry about many of the things people worry about all the time, even death ... that this is a defect, and you want to correct that defect for us. We appreciate that. We pray for the new system two come, and we look forward two IT. We love finding others that trust in you and find comfort in your word the Bible. Send us of your holy spirit dear Father, that it may sustain us in the hard times. Let your will take place, according to your arrangement.

Forgive us Father when we fall short of your standards, please accept this prayer in the name of your wonderful Son, our King & Christ, Jesus. Amen

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