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25 years of ARTMONEY

25 years is a long time when it comes to an art project. But here we are - 25 years after the beginning!



Gallery Skagen, Skagen Denmark


This is a unique opportunity to exhibit in the town of Skagen, at the top of Denmark, Easter, 2023.
Sumy, Ukraine

Mail-art "#KosTurGallery: «Artmoney 2023»" Sumy, Ukraine

#KosTurGallery invites artists from all over the world to participate in the Mail-art project, send your artmoney art works for the exhibition in the city of
Docken, Færgehavnsvej 35, København

CPH Art Space 2024

We have agreed to show ARTMONEY at the popular art fair, CPH Art Space in the spring of 2024, as the planned CPH Art Space, 2023 has been canselled.

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